So energizing and motivating! I don’t feel judged because I can’t land a pose or a Piyo round. I love the spiritual incorporation. -Tori

Natalie has such a gentle sweet spirit that she made us feel comfortable doing yoga with our Littles. The setting at the Secret Garden is peaceful and serene. Can't wait to try more classes with Natalie! -Drenda

 Excellent instructor! So enjoyable! I'm looking forward to going to the next class! -Shannon M.

Awesome instructor and great environment Natalie is the best I feel just so at ease with my class. -Amanda H.

The practice was peaceful and you were encouraged to go at your own pace. Always ask her questions if you have concerns...this isn't just a hobby. It is a lifestyle for her and her family. Love the time I can spend w/ Natalie Right coach for me!! - Pamela

I absolutely love her classes! I love the atmosphere, her patience and the no judgement!!! It's my weekly must for myself. -Alyssa M.

I absolutely love going Natalie's class. She makes it so comfortable for all levels of experience. Definitely encourage anyone to come check her classes out. -Jennifer S.

I had back surgery and had some complications which left me in more pain then before surgery. After several months with no relief, I decided to try something besides pain medication. I started looking into essential oils. It had a great support group and they turned me onto Natalie. I had heard yoga would be good for my core so I decided to give it a try. I had never done yoga before but was looking forward to trying it. When the day came for the class, my back was hurting more than usual. I almost didn't go but I ask Natalie what she thought and she told me to come and just do what I could. When I walked into the room, the lights were dim, them music was on, oils defusing, I instantly felt relaxed. I found a spot at the back of the room of course. Natalie was so amazing, her voice was so calming and I just felt this sense of peace come over me. As the class went on there was poses I just wasn't able to do but Natalie was great on giving you ways to modify it to make it easier for people like me and how you can take it up a notch for the more experienced. I never felt embarrassed or judged and trust me I was a hot mess back there trying to do some of these poses. At the end of class we are laying there reflecting, I felt an overwhelming sense of emotions that I just can't describe but I knew this was what needed. After class I went up and thanked Natalie for such an amazing experience as the tears flowed.

Going forward, I am at the end of a 3 months with Natalie and I feel more stronger both mentally and physically. There are still things I can't do but I am okay with that because there are so many things I can do. Natalie changed my life from that first class and has continued to do so. I thank God for bringing her into my life. If you ever have a chance to take one of Natalie's classes do it, you won't regret it.




Natalie Whitaker! You have been so very impactful – in what now seems like such a small amount of time!!! Thanks to my husband for thinking of me when he saw your class on Facebook and tagging me, thinking I might enjoy it as I had just started Charlene’s PiYo workouts at home. My first time to your class was the very next Tuesday, May 16th and I felt immediately drawn. My beginning weight was 161 lbs (photo 1 – May 30th) and then @151 lbs (photo 2 – August 1st). This may not be significant to some, but 10 lbs for me, at 5’1 is a lot!

I’ll be honest, I did not put my diet in check as I did my workouts until closer to July which is crazy what more, or sooner I could have accomplished. I still struggle with my favorite food cravings but I look at my comparison photos often, replacing the current with more recent. They are my constant reminder of what were once my goals that have become accomplishments and getting to set new ones! I am now at 147 lbs, building and toning muscle and feeling fantastic! I have enjoyed every single moment, even the painful ones...and no way stopping!!!! We went out this past weekend for a friend's birthday and I got SO many repeated compliments on how great I look!!

I owe a lot of this to you, Natalie!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you and your classes and I thank YOU for showing up in my husband’s newsfeed at absolute perfect timing (for me)!

-Amy C.

"I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I've always struggled with low self esteem. I knew something needed to change, but I used every excuse in the book to justify my diet and lack of exercise. I was tired all the time and just felt bad overall. It took a long time to get up the courage to ask for help. My friend Wendi had awesome results through the challenge groups Fit with Nat put on and I had recently met Natalie and I decided to give it a shot and started my first challenge at the end of May. The only regret I have is waiting too long to start! I learned a new way of eating healthier/cleaner, I've discovered new exercises that I love, and I have a group of awesome ladies for support. I have more energy, my skin and hair are healthier, and I feel GREAT. I want to set a good example for my kids. I want them to see me eating right and exercising. My six year old loves going on walks with my husband and I. It's nice to finally have the energy to keep up with the kids and their activities. Since May, I've lost 26 pounds and 20 inches. My BMI has dropped by 4.2. I still have some weight to lose, but I KNOW that with the support of this team I WILL get there!"

-April P. (May-October 2015)


I have known Natalie for quite a few years, and I was able to see her transformation that she worked so hard for and keeps working harder each day! She was the inspiration for my start with her program. My journey has been a progression that I have learned from at each level.
Last year, I was in a bad place physically and mentally. I can only say that I wasn’t sick….but I just didn’t feel well all the time. I was exhausted and felt depleted every day. Being married with a wonderful husband and 2 small kids, I knew I needed to do something. I was highly addicted to sugar and had been all my life. I ate sugar nonstop and started with my coffee in the morning. It was my “drug” that was a lifelong issue.
I started with Natalie in January 2015 and followed her easy plan. I was one that was in her group that followed the program to the letter and didn’t lose much weight. Everyone else was joyfully losing 10 pounds or even more. I was at 5 pounds and not budging. Discouraged? Yes. UNTIL….***warning…life changer***, I went to buy a new pair of jeans at the Gap. I got my regular size and asked the Gap employee what she thought of them. She told me they were “way too big” that that I needed to size down 2 sizes. Yes…2 sizes!!!!! I tried them on and they fit! Size 8! I texted Natalie right away and was teary! I am not sure why my body didn’t lose pounds….but I lost something! They still remain my favorite pair of jeans and they still fit!
The hugest improvement was I detoxed from sugar completely. I didn’t crave it at all. I was and still am shocked at that. I have fallen off the wagon and eaten sugar, only to find my tolerance is so much lower. And…once you start eating it again, the cravings start again.
Along my journey as I was fixing my diet, I was tested for my tiredness. Extremely low Vitamin D and Vitamin Bs. Since I had corrected my diet and was still tired, I was able to start seeing that there was a few underlying and easy fixes for my energy.
I love Natalie’s plan and find there are so many options once you get used to the foods you can eat and playing around with them. I have made a great Pinterest page that I go to for inspiration all the time.
Natalie’s groups are super inspiring, offer great tips, are so positive and I thrive in them! I love watching my fitness group friends succeed!
I also must note…I had extensive foot surgery during one group. I was in pain, off my foot, no exercise for 6-8 weeks. I followed her plan and there was no weight gain at all!
I am trying to figure out if I am blessed by Natalie’s help, grateful for her help, lucky to have found her help or inspired by her help. I am going to say all of the above! Thank you Natalie for helping me though such a tough time!!
This round…I am killing off the last 10 pounds!!!

-Heather S.

So my story is that I have struggled with my self esteem for forever and then I had my first child and nothing changed except weight gain and more low esteem and then I had my second one last year in June and worked out in groups here and there but didn't really devote myself to a lifestyle change.
But then I met Natalie Weatherford-Whitaker at one of these fitness groups and from there my life has changed.
I have lost 30lbs and I am still working on my last 20lbs and gaining some muscles but more importantly in these past few months I have gain so much more confidence in myself and fill like I am finding me again. And more importantly I am growing more closer with God which all hoes hand and hand to me.
I will be honest at first I didn't think nor did my husband think that I would have any results and honestly thought I probably wasted my money...
But boy was I wrong not only did I NOT waste my money I got to meet some incredibly encouraging motivated ladies. And now I am working on helping other feel like I do and continue to feel good and be healthy.

-Teresa L. (May-September 2015)

I'm 37 with two teenaged sons and have 4 surgeries under my belt. My weight has been up & down a lot since my 1st son and I've come to the realization that I'm mostly an emotional eater. Happy = reward with food. Upset = comfort with food.
After my hysterectomy in February 2014 I realized I needed to get in gear and get myself straightened out so I could be healthier for my family. Healthy - not skinny or gorgeous just healthy.
I tried several different programs and they were all either too complicated or I just didn't see the results I wanted so I stalled out. Fortunately this past June my neighbor Stephanie Hensleyasked me to start going to the Main Street Gym in Midlothian with her. I signed up for their 3 month special so I would actually show up and we started taking different classes to find out what we liked. A couple of months ago we went to Zumba and no one told us we had a substitute instructor that was teaching Hip Hop Dance (as they called it). And so I met Natalie Weatherford-Whitaker.
Two challenges (2 months) and 37 lbs later... I get so excited saying that! I am loving CIZE and I feel so much better. My whole family is eating better and I've even convinced my husband to start doing yoga with me.
Meeting Natalie was a huge blessing in my life. Through her I have met some of the most beautiful (inside & out) people... I firmly believe God puts people in our lives at exactly the right time and the way things have fallen into place so easily with the lifestyle changes I have made just reinforces that. Life is good and getting better all the time! I am so thankful for everyone's support & encouragement.

-Marlena R.


Manage your busy lifestyle w/fitness, nutrition and fun with Nat. She meets you where you are and you take pride in doing your best. She sets the bar for commitment and I love the tools on the side. -Pam W.


Natalie Whitaker - Fitness and Nutrition does a great job sharing relevant information. There are so many places we can go to get fitness news and the latest diet info but Natalie presents things in a common-sense fashion that is quick and easy to understand. She backs everything up with facts and research and doesn't send out dozens of messages each day. She also manages to incorporate fun into her messages which is something I greatly appreciate. Her page motivates me to continue my own fitness journey. -Marlena R.


Natalie is awesome at what she does and she definitely helps you obtain results! She has helped me tremendously and lots of others. She teaches you exactly what you need to be healthy and fit yet while having fun!!! -Meredith P.


I love working with Natalie Weatherford-Whitaker! She has encouraged me and help me get so much healthier! I was in a rut when I started working with her and I felt like nothing would work....she motivated me and excited me to take charge of my health. I can't wait to start my next round with her! -Heather S.


Natalie truly cares about the people she helps. I have known her to always lend an ear to questions and give excellent advice. There's nothing better than a caring heart who gives excellent recipes and fun fitness tips!! -Nicole D.


Natalie does a great job at understanding your fitness needs that are specific to you and helping you design a program, whether food or fitness, to help you accomplish your goals. -Amber P.


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Facebook Reviews (facebook.com/secretgardenfitness):

5 Stars: I absolutely love going Natalie's class. She makes it so comfortable for all levels of experience. Definitely encourage anyone to come check her classes out.  -Jennifer H.

5 Stars: I absolutely love her classes! I love the atmosphere, her patience and the no judgement!!! It's my weekly must for myself! -Alyssa M.

5 Stars: The practice was peaceful and you were encouraged to go at your own pace. Always ask her questions if you have concerns...this isn't just a hobby. It is a lifestyle for her and her family. Love the time I can spend w/ Natalie Right coach for me!! -Pamela W.

5 Stars: Awesome instructor and great environment Natalie is the best I feel just so at ease with my class. -Amanda H.