When the struggle is REAL!!!!!

When you feel in over your head and like there is no end in site....and the struggle does feel soooooo real, remember to release, let go, breathe, pray and have hope and faith that this too shall pass! I know that is easier said than done, but here are a few things that may help you to accomplish that floating sensation instead of struggling!

-Connect with something greater than yourself... meditate, journal, or sit in complete silence! One of my favorite quotes is "Sometimes it's okay if the only thing you did today was breathe!" and another is "You are exactly where you need to be." By getting on your yoga mat, connecting spiritually, meditating and breathing you have set yourself up for success! This divine appointment you have made a priority will produce results! You are investing in you and that is so important for the temple you were so graciously given. 

-Move "STUCK" energy by breathing deeply and doing some yoga! Palm Tree, Bow, Camel and Wheel poses are amazing for opening the heart and moving energy through the body and motivating/energizing you! Feel good chemicals will release (aka endorphins), blood will start pumping and your mood will be lifted!

-Fuel your body with the best....eat something that is colorful, beautiful and from the earth! Processed foods, drag us down and only boost us the moment we have them and leave us craving more and still leaving us empty, so choose something that will empower you and make you feel proud of your choices! This mentally will boost your happiness, strength and joy!

-Surround yourself with a group that will love on you, motivate you or be there to just listen! Remember it is okay to cry too! It is a wonderful release...."Tears are prayers too, they travel to God when we can't speak." 

Whatever it is that you are going through (big or small) remember that all lessons in life deserve us to experience them in their fullness! But we have an almighty Father that fights for us, so when you feel the struggle is real or too much.....LET GO and LET GOD! Float effortlessly on your mat, close your eyes and let your bones be as light as a feather and the Father will hold you!


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