Virtual Calling... will you answer?

Unprecedented times call for us to step up in a big way!!! I honestly feel like God has been preparing me for this for several months now/almost a year! The world is chaotic and people's habits have been turned upside down and there comes various levels of unease with this, but... I feel like when I left corporate america last year, I had a big taste of this! Years of a certain habit were suddenly gone, I had to re-learn my new norm and with that came A LOT of fear and anxiety and I had to learn to let go and LET GOD! Leaving my career in medical marketing was a huge leap of faith for me, but I knew it was necessary and what I truly wanted and needed at that time. I have always been a very hard worker and had multiple jobs since I was 15, so I knew only one speed and suffered from what I call "hurry sickness." Society tells us to do more, spend more, have more....and I was fully on board with this more more more way of life, but then I  WOKE UP! My son was ending his Junior year of high school and all of a sudden, I was like..... I DON'T WANT TO MISS A SINGLE THING for my family. So my husband graciously said, it's time to slow down and thus began my journey of healing my hurry sickness! So imagine if you can (I have a feeling many will relate) a girl who knew no speed except FAST trying to SLOW herself down...... to put it nicely..... I was a freaking rollercoaster!!!!!! One day commited to stillness and one day feeling the tug to say yes to one more thing! I promised my husband I wouldn't take on anything new for 6 months, well that lasted about a month and a half and then I was piling my plate back up with tons of work and a lot of it was free work!!!!!!!!! Busy again and then not and again then not.... the viscous cycle or loading up and then having to take it off again and again had to end! So I decided to draw close to God and rely on Him to help me find peace! I had to let it all go, even started counseling and shared with close friends what I was going thru and miracles began to happen!!! One after the other!!! I spent a lot of time journaling, meditating, praying and soaking in devotionals and God's word... the healing I was asking for had started, and it felt so good! God wants us to have peace and he also puts dreams in our hearts for a reason.... we are called for a purpose and while I continue to seek my purpose he unfolds another layers as I draw closer and closer to Him! He has plans for us bigger than we can imagine... the thing that you think is out of reach is not! As the saying goes.... you can have your cake and eat it too! God is telling you that all you need is HIM and that is enough, but at the same time he will reward you with when you are obedient and it may not be in the form of reward you thought it would be! So with that being said... my healing coincided with the craze of Corona Virus hitting our world, so now with things turned upside down and people being forced to slow down, I feel I have many things to share from my own experiences! I want to provide people Hope, Light, Community, Love, Support, Understanding and give them Faith that they can turn this chaos and time of unknown into peace!!! We can achieve our hearts desires in this time and grow closer to Him also! Let's make use of this time in the way that God wants us to! I have been drawn to provide community and activity through online fitness classes and He is providing the way.... teaching me how to learn the technology, find the confidence to put myself out there, ways to connect to those that need to be on this journey too and the heart to love and give light, the words and knowledge to share and so much more! 

I hope you will join our virtual tribe, I know something special is happening here, I feel it and have a peace about it all! #strongtogether #letgoLETGOD #virtuallyfit #stretchyourfaith

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