The PERFECT workout!

So I am here to tell you that the perfect work out is simple! It's the one you do vs. the one you didn't do! It's not about's about the journey and enjoying the process. Simply ask yourself, what type of exercise do I enjoy???? Do that type of enjoyable, fun, happy work for 21 days, until your habit is formed, then you can add in more! My motto is do A LOT of what you love, some of what you like okay and a little of what challenges you! So if you enjoy nature, go for a walk, run, hike, bike, etc.... if you love to dance, shake it as much as you can! People over complicate things and think they have to have a trainer or a perfect workout, but, really all you need is a habit and to form the habit you have to put it on your calendar like it's a meeting (self love meeting) and do what you love during this hour so that it makes you crave more and more!

To get started at home....turn your favorite music up and dance for 5 minutes and stretch or you can alternate jumping jacks, running in place and punching every 30 seconds until your song ends and then stretch out.

Do what you know....remember PE class? Body weight exercise is amazing!  Push-ups, Squats, Lunges, Crunches, Planks....these work!!!!!!!!!!! So when in doubt put them to use and you don't have to start out with an hour of exercise...start small and work your way up! After your workout, remember to stretch, it's a very important step and will keep you from getting super sore and so many more benefits too!

In summary, do what you love, life is too short and you will not continue this habit if you don't enjoy it!

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