I do yoga to burn off the crazy!!!

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I get asked a lot about why I started yoga.... I seriously suffered from Hurry Sickness (my form of crazy)! One day I stood outside of my car in the garage, buckling my precious baby girl in the car-seat and found myself shoveling breakfast into her mouth shouting, hurry eat, mommy is late, hurry let me buckle you, we aren't going to make it in time, hurry unbuckle as we pull up to day care, hurry get out.. hurry hurry hurry!!!! I had a moment that struck me so hard core all the way deep into my heart and my...

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Start your Meditation Practice today!

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There are countless reasons you should incorporate daily meditation into your life!!! The top 10 benefits for meditating are: 1. Stress Relief 2. Better Sleep 3. Improved Outlook on Life 4.Gives you a sense of Purpose 5. Improves your focus and alertness 6. Increases Happiness 7. Enhances Relationships 8. Helps you to enjoy the PRESENT MOMENT 9. Gives greater clarity of thought 10. Offers contentment with life For me personally, it just sets my day up for PEACE!  It also gives me motivation, joy and a zest for spreading happiness in the world around me. Remember, that when you begin...

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