Start your Meditation Practice today!

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There are countless reasons you should incorporate daily meditation into your life!!!

The top 10 benefits for meditating are:

1. Stress Relief

2. Better Sleep

3. Improved Outlook on Life

4.Gives you a sense of Purpose

5. Improves your focus and alertness

6. Increases Happiness

7. Enhances Relationships

8. Helps you to enjoy the PRESENT MOMENT

9. Gives greater clarity of thought

10. Offers contentment with life

For me personally, it just sets my day up for PEACE!  It also gives me motivation, joy and a zest for spreading happiness in the world around me. Remember, that when you begin your meditation practice it is perfectly normal for you to struggle a bit with sitting still and truly relaxing the mind....this will come with time, I PROMISE!!! The hardest part is creating the time and actually doing it, but if you will just set it on your calendar, and do it right when you wake up, within about 3 weeks you will CRAVE it! Here are a few beginner meditations you can start with....I hope you enjoy them and I will be adding more and more to this playlist, so make sure to subscribe to my YOU TUBE channel for future uploads! Tell me what you want to see/hear more of!!! ~Namaste'


Click Here for You Tube Meditations!

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