Life Lessons

Here are some of my very own life lessons! There have been others, there will be more as I grow, but maybe these will speak to you!!!

1. Don't fight the hard stuff, just do it and get it done... it will get easier
2. Take shortcuts by surrounding yourself with those you look up to
3. Goals + Grace = Success
4. Help others, it really helps you too!
5. Take breaks, you will get tired, just know and accept it and schedule regular breaks!
6. Paying for stuff holds you more accountable soooo invest in yourself!
7. Give yourself permission to enjoy!!! You need it and it will make you a better you!
8. Take time daily to pray, meditate and stretch (connect spiritually during this time)
9. Get still and quiet on a regular basis... slow down
10. Take that vacation, use the trip as an incentive and set a hefty goal!



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