I do yoga to burn off the crazy!!!

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I get asked a lot about why I started yoga.... I seriously suffered from Hurry Sickness (my form of crazy)! One day I stood outside of my car in the garage, buckling my precious baby girl in the car-seat and found myself shoveling breakfast into her mouth shouting, hurry eat, mommy is late, hurry let me buckle you, we aren't going to make it in time, hurry unbuckle as we pull up to day care, hurry get out.. hurry hurry hurry!!!! I had a moment that struck me so hard core all the way deep into my heart and my eyes filled with tears.... what kind of message am I teaching this sweet baby???? At that very point in time, I knew I need to slow down, I enrolled in my first yoga class that day and literally signed up to be an instructor that day too! I think I cried the whole class! I have never looked back since and I am so very thankful for this stepping stone to the next level of peace! Peace for myself, but Peace to spread to my kids even more and on to the rest of my family, friends and now students that I get to leave a little piece of my heart with!
I am only a few years into my own practice and teaching and I seriously cannot imagine my life without yoga now! I wish I would have learned of it as a child honestly... there are so many lessons that come from it! Many do it for flexibility, strength, sleep, relaxation, digestion, confidence, love, or for the spiritual connection and so many other reason.... No matter the reason you begin, just make sure that you do begin! Even one time a week can change your life! It doesn't have to be something so hard core that it scares you, ease in with lots of grace! One of the reasons I love yoga so much is that it is practice and never perfect!!!!!! We are always working to be better, go deeper, show more love, open our hearts more, etc...
The weeks that I do not participate in yoga, I just don't feel right. Yoga makes me a better person, the more I do it, the better I become. It is my "ME TIME" on my sacred space (aka mat)... a divine appointment for me to connect to myself and to restore my soul!
On the mat, I make a point to let go of sometime (physically or emotionally), only allow positive thoughts and release anything that is negative, I choose gratitude, I stretch my self to the very edge, but no further! I become my own body investigator, becoming more in tune with what my temple needs and focus on not comparing myself to anyone else (we are so uniquely made)! I release judgment on my self and others! I really dive deep into the place I need to go and allow the rest of the room and to-do list disappear! 
Yoga is better than medicine for me or even Wine, yes I did say it!!!!!!!! It's a breath of fresh air and at the end of every class after savasana when we roll into fetal position, I take that time to imagine beautiful white angel wings wrapped around me and God voice telling me.... "You've Got This, Because I Am Holding You All The Way." Yoga is cleansing.... physically, emotionally and physically! And after every class I feel amazing, sleep like a baby and just feel calm! That calmness melts onto everyone I come in contact with too. It's truly contagious.
I encourage you to seek out a class and find the one that speaks to you! All are different and unique, you will find the right one and it literally will burn the crazy right off of you! We all have a little crazy of some kind, trust me! We have to work at burning it off, just like unwanted calories ;)
I hope you come try one of my classes sometime! I think I cater most to the beginner or maybe, the person who has been into fitness, but now seeks yoga as well! My style of teaching comes from a place of love, I lead with my heart, it also comes from a place of balance, so equally working and resting, it also stems from a huge desire for you to slow down, find peace and restoration that body and family needs so much!
The crazy in me recognizes and honors the crazy in you!
Your Yoga Instructor, the leader of the crazy tribe ;)
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