Go with the Flow

One of my favorite focuses in yoga is going with the flow....rarely do things go as planned and we need to relax into that fact and ride the Wave of life and see where it leads us! Have faith in God's plan, keep following his calling on your life, let go of your own will and let Him work in your life!

With this being said, lets commit to exploring the unplanned....and instead of seeing it as a negative when things go another way as planned.... shift your focus and try something different, who knows you may like it better than you thought you would.

In my own life, I am taking a turn (surfing a new wave), because it just feels like I should...I am not super experienced with kids yoga(I have taught a few times), but I am seeing a trend that parents have a hard time either leaving their family due to guilt OR not having child care and I don't want that to keep them from coming! Plus... children need yoga too! So I am creating some fun events that include the whole family! For some this is hard, because they use yoga as their quiet time, but I am urging you to come an explore something different and new (go with the flow) and even if it isn't as quiet as normal, know that this is for a greater good, something beyond ourselves.... universal loving-kindness! Our world needs more of this! So pour into another life and see how that changes you!

Here is a list of our events!

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