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So many of you may have noticed that I am not posting as much or that you aren't seeing my class listings's because we have moved classes to our home studio! It's a beautiful and zen space, but it only holds 12 MAX people and that includes to walk around and teach, so technically I only have 11 spots. So we opted for quarterly memberships and sold out in 4 hours when we announced this change. I feel super blessed about this, but it is very difficult for me to turn away people that want to come, so I am also offering private and semi private sessions and I am making every effort possible to teach in the community at a large location a couple of times a month also. We also posted about a FitCation coming in February of 2019 (more info coming)! I also plan to video more classes to upload and share as well. In the Spring when things warm up we will have more spaces to offer because we can get outdoors in nature (my favorite)!!!!!!! With that being said, please stay tuned to our Fit with Nat VIP Facebook Group for openings and sign ups for the Spring! Email me at if you are interested in a Spring membership or Private/Semi Private Yoga classes. Here are the rates:

1 Single Private Session: $50

4 pack $180

8 pack $320

Semi Private Session is $50 + $10 for each additional purchase and you can divide the total cost among those who join in! So for a group of 3 it would be $70 ($23 each).

**We do many times have members that cannot attend their class and a space opens up, when that happens I post in the facebook group listed above and the drop in rate is $5 if you can scoop up their spot for the day.

Event Pricing in the Community is usually $10-15 depending on location and length of class.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Here is a list of typical pricing:

Private Session $50 and down from there

Event Pricing $10-15

Home Studio $5 to drop in if we have a member offer there spot

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