10 ways to overcome Winter Blues!

You may find yourself down a bit more than usual this time of year for many different reasons and if you do here are some tips to jump out of the funk and overcome those winter blues.

1. Plan a Vacation- My husband and I always plan a trip in late January or February to the beach because we know that these cold months really get us down and a trip always gives us something to look forward to and break up the cold weather months!

2. Dance- It's a mood booster for sure, so join a class or just turn your tunes up in your bedroom and have fun letting loose and burning some calories too! 

3. Give in and enjoy a movie binge- So you never do it, but give yourself permission, to just be lazy and stay in your pj's all day and watch a movie or show that you have been really wanting to see! Believe it or not, giving your mind a rest may really help you in the long run and get those creative juices flowing again after a day of complete rest!

4. Journal- Write out some goals and PLANS (step by step). Why not? 

5. Pray- Take time to build your relationship with God, listen to him speak, getting quiet is something we rarely do, but is so necessary if we truly want to hear him! 

6. Yoga/Ayurveda- Do something for yourself! Stretch and breath, let your mind, body and soul be restored. Bubble bath, oil pulling, massage your legs, arms, hands and feet (self love)! 

7. Home Project- Paint a room, clean out a closet, donate some clothes, clear space=clear mind! Funny how relaxed us moms can truly be in a clean house, right?

8. Cook a new recipe- With extra time it makes the cooking process so much more enjoyable, so pick something hard and give it your best go!

9. Craft with your kids- Encourage your kids to write out some activities they want to do with you and place on papers in a jar....go fish out a paper and pick a fun activity that they have been wanting to do with you, like painting, building, drawing, cooking, etc....

10. Date night- get fancied up, take your time getting ready, enjoy a glass of champagne, cook in or go out, it doesn't matter, just focus on one another and enjoy the evening!  We love to hot tub and cook king crab. Or we will hit up our favorite restaurant and play 90's music ;) JUST HAVE FUN!!!

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