How to get motivated!

This one is a tough one to talk about because honestly everyone is motivated in a different way!  So think about that for a second.........what really motivates you?  Money, a prize, recognition, self accomplishment?????  Make a short term and long term goal and get started.  My advice to you is to schedule your workouts on the calendar like you would a meeting for work and do them no matter what!  After you have done this for 21 days you have formed a habit, and I bet you anything you will now crave that workout to make you feel amazing, less stressed, sleep better and actually completing more that you ever did without it.  The next HUGE piece is to surround yourself with others on a similar mission as yours...if you do not have a group, please join my free group and introduce yourself in there when you join  so that I know you found me through here.  Request in at this Facebook group.  Also, make sure that you are doing workouts that you enjoy and don't hate so that you will continue to keep them up!  Once you have established the habit you can play around with adding in new forms of exercises.  I thoroughly love motivating others and it is what keeps me motivated, so we would love to have you in the group!!!!  Join and introduce yourself today and get things thing started.

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